Professional Bridal Hairstyles For Your Florida Wedding


It is your wedding day and your hairstyle should be flawless!  The way you wear your hair says speaks volumes about you, so choose a bridal hairstyle that reflects your own personal style.



You can choose a hair style that it elegant, yet comfortable, as you will be center stage though the day.  Whether you wedding is indoor or outdoor, you will want a bridal hairstyle that will maintain itself throughout the your special day.


Different hairstyles work the best depending on whether your Orlando wedding is being held in the fall/winter months verses the spring/summer months.  Here are a few wedding hair tips below for choosing the best hairstyle base upon the season.


If you have a Fall/Winter wedding your choices are more extensive as you will not need to worry about the heat and humidity when wearing your hair up or down for your occasion. Any style would be appropriate for this time of year. You may choose long loose waves with casual pieces pulled back or an uplifted pony tale and a beautiful bling accent.

Fall2Rsz           Fall1Rsz

If you have a Spring/Summer wedding, the heat and humidity can have a dramatic effect on your hair. You want your style to be beautiful and eye catching but at the same time, to hold up to the showers and humidity expected through out these months. You may want to choose a Modern Chignon or a Bohemian Braid which will hold up in any conditions.

Summerpic2      Summerpic1

Choose a wedding hair style which works the best for you in terms of comfort, while keeping the season in which you are being married in mind, will help make your wedding day and wedding photos a lasting memory for years to come…


Be ready for your moment in the spotlight! You are creating your forever memories which will last a lifetime!

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