Professional bridal make-up for wedding

26X5NK7hV20ySonCPS9iGygJR48FB807_FsRiej2fike=w345-h230-p-noYou wedding day make-up would be the window to your soul. There are many tips and tricks to use with your make-up application for perfection at any angle. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. Wedding day make-up should be natural, elegant and beautiful with a soft glow.


nuBXxjwTr9TPE2NLKkVFZr7bRMSRm_B30p0SzdqSH38r=w270-h180-p-noYou want your wedding make up to be flawless on your wedding day, not only for yourself, but for the memories you will have from your wedding photos for years to come. Select a professional hair and make up artist who will schedule a trial run for you. This process is important, so you and your make up artist can be sure you have a make up style that looks amazing for your wedding.(delete day) Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with different “looks.” So a trial run is very important for this reason.


Healthy skin is an important aspect of your make up application. So you look great all day and all night and in your photos too.


Here are some tips to help your skin get ready for your make-up:


—Create a clean slate by exfoliating your skin a few months prior to your wedding day. It will give you soft, glowing skin.


—Stay hydrated but moisturizer is very important after exfoliating your skin.


—Refresh tired eyes by massaging the eye area with a cool massage cream or gel.


—Hydrating masks are also important to keep your skin calm. The can help combat redness and reduce pores.


—Spray tans are wonderful! A subtle boost of color can add a healthy glow. A self tanner or airbrush tan a few days before the wedding can make all the difference.

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